Statement items and Pop colors

I’ve been working a lot lately on adding more jewelry and diversity to my Shaded Lines Etsy Store! I tend to like smaller jewelry pieces and have made a lot of those in the past, but I’ve been noticing the style has been bigger and bolder lately (especially this summer with pop colors and bright statement items)!

So…..I had to add some to my shop! These are just a few items and more are definitely in the works 🙂


What do you think?

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Getting better at this hand stamping stuff!

I’ve been practicing my jewelry hand stamping, and while frustrating at times, I have had some successes….and even sold some pieces!The hardest thing I have come across (other than making sure my words are spelled correctly!!) is the patina process. I’ve slowly figured out what works and what doesn’t….so hopefully that means more hand stamping of jewelry findings (and anything else I can get my hands on!) in the future 🙂

I’ve also found patinas that are colored….so I can make pop color words on metal blanks! I think this would go great with the bright colors of summer that I’ve seen in clothing, accessories, etc!

What phrase or quote would you put on a piece of jewelry if you could?

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Repurposed bottle/keepsake container

Still working on the jewelry stamping…but, of course, I have creative ADD and can’t stay on one project at a time!

I recently cut a bunch of glass that I had stocked up for the past few months with my new tile saw (now that it’s finally getting warm outside!) and created this bottle/keepsake container. Great way to keep your keepsakes in one place and a unique container all at the same time!


Go to my Shaded Lines Etsy store and get yours today!

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Stamping…the new addition

I’ve seen lots of stamping jewelry and always thought it would be a great way to personalize jewelry…but never took the time to try it. Well, this past weekend, I made some spur of the moment purchases!

photo 2 photo 3

It took a bit of practice and some patience…but I like where it’s going!

photo 4

Now to think of some pieces that I can list in my Shaded Lines Etsy store….ideas?

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Busy, Busy….but good!

It has been such a busy month! It’s event season (for my day job…meaning lots of overtime) but it’s also about to be wedding season….so I’m hoping that also means my Shaded Lines Etsy store will see more views and purchases 🙂

I’m continuing to make more items (mostly ammo jewelry)…. there is just something about turning an object that is industrial and masculine into something elegant! I’m also seeing quite a bit of wine charm sales (the pop colors chevron bottle caps are by far the favorite of this past month!) I’m hoping that means everyone is taking the time to relax with a nice glass of vino!

wine charms
Well, I’m off to think up new creations. My latest is brand new and just put together last night. What do you think? I still have to add the crystals, but I can see this being a great accessory!

ammo hoop photo

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New Years resolution update

Well, my new years resolution of posting to my blog at least once a week has fallen by the wayside….I thought I would at least make it a few months of posting weekly before I totally fell off the wagon, but didn’t even make it thru the 2nd month!

Oh well, it was all good intentions. Plus, I’ve been sooo busy with new purchases coming in to the Shaded Lines Etsy store that I should just count my blessing where they land! The ammo jewelry and valentine’s items were definitely a hit and I’m actually having to go back to the gun range in search of more calibers due to all the requests for specific makes, calibers, metals, etc.

I will be posting some pics of new creations soon (I have an idea I saw for an ammo tennis bracelet that I have to figure out how to create!)

While I am working on that, here is some photos of current works 🙂 All, of course, available in my store!

Ammo accessories items

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Finally Friday!

It’s a good day! First…it’s Friday!! and then there is the Super Bowl this weekend 🙂 which means good times with friends and LOTS of good food!

I also finalized a custom order for a client this morning. She loved her ammo bullet casing necklace so much she wanted to create one for her friend! So, instead of using the silver feather, she replaced it with a horse shoe for her friend that is a horse lover 🙂 What do you think?

horse shoe ammo necklace
I hope everyone else is having a great day! and an even better weekend!

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