A break…

Well, I didn’t intend to…but I took a break from WordPress. I’ve been busy trying to come up with new jewelry ideas and then to fix that crab paperweight.


I’m glad I started out with a bold attempt. I know that is what kept me motivated to finish it even though it didn’t turn out as expected. The heating of the resin (by adding resin on not completely cured resin) made the overall color a yellowish and also caused some cracks/rarities in places around the crab. We also didn’t build the mold right (so I will definitely be buying one of those resin molds off ebay sometime soon!) We had wax paper on the bottom to prevent sticking…but didn’t think about the sides. So I had wood chunks sticking out of the resin. Once sanded down, it didn’t look so bad, but then the resin was all cloudy from sanding. *sigh….gonna go back and wet sand it to try and get some of the cloudiness to go away. The top and bottom look good and are clear….so at least the project didn’t turn out to be a total bust.


I have created something in the jewelry category that I really like! I was sitting around with all my odds and ends of pieces that I didn’t use for other jewelry creations and came up with this:

What do you think? I think it’s somewhere between elegant and industrial (plus, turquoise is my fav color!) It’s listed in my Shaded Lines Etsy store 🙂


About shadedlinescreations

I have been interested in the arts for longer than I can remember. I can’t dance, I can’t sing….so that just left creating something tangible and aesthetically pleasing. Having a bachelor’s in graphic communications, I’ve worked as a graphic designer or creative director for the past 10 years. I have now decided to branch out and embrace 3D design…something in college I completely didn’t understand and hated going to the class! However, rather than covering chairs in crayons or fabricating statues out of cardboard, I have chosen to create items that can be used and treasured for years to come. Each tile, coaster or piece that you see in the gallery or on my etsy store has been customized, and can even feature your own personal images if you so desire. So look around, get some ideas and let me take them to the next level by actually making them for you!
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4 Responses to A break…

  1. monkeymuesli says:

    oooh, i like that.

    any chance of some pics of the crab? i’m intrigued!

  2. I like the industrial look of this a lot, as well as the elegance. It makes me wonder about connecting it with more of itself to make like a netted type of choker-thing or neck piece. I really like it. Very lovely 🙂

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