Football Season!

It’s football season!! This is the time of year that I just love! Not too hot…and tailgating with friends on Saturday’s is a great way to get everyone together and enjoy a good time! I’m always amazed at how some people decorate and pull out all the stops to get their area (10’x10′ tent) to look like home…. I’ve seen couches, dining room tables with all the silver food warmers, and big screen tv!) Our little tent hasn’t escalated to this posh tailgating yet, but I did want to make some table stuffs to make it feel more like home…and to show off our team pride!

Unveiling the tray I have been talking about!

FSU Seminole TrayFSU Seminole Tray FSU Seminole Tray

The inside of the tray measures 8.5×16 with a 1″ frame on the outside (total measurement being approx. 10.5×18). The frame provides approximately 1″ deep area for keeping food, drinks, etc inside the tray while you are carrying it around. And football area of the tray is coated with a hard coat resin, which means it is nearly indestructible (water resistant and easily cleaned with a damp rag, safe to be used with hot pans or plates up to 120° F )! And the last feature is the handle on each end, which resemble little goal posts and are painted yellow. The handles and tray outside are covered with a clear coat varnish that will protect from chips, fading, etc.

This tray is great because I can customize it for any team (I made a Vols version complete with checkerboard endzones for my fellow Vol fans!) I just hope the orders from friends and family don’t overload me 😉

I also made a trivet to go with our table set….and for the hubby to put his wonderful grilled food on 🙂

FSU Spear Trivet
Visit my Shaded Lines Etsy shop to purchase this one or to get your own team tray!


About shadedlinescreations

I have been interested in the arts for longer than I can remember. I can’t dance, I can’t sing….so that just left creating something tangible and aesthetically pleasing. Having a bachelor’s in graphic communications, I’ve worked as a graphic designer or creative director for the past 10 years. I have now decided to branch out and embrace 3D design…something in college I completely didn’t understand and hated going to the class! However, rather than covering chairs in crayons or fabricating statues out of cardboard, I have chosen to create items that can be used and treasured for years to come. Each tile, coaster or piece that you see in the gallery or on my etsy store has been customized, and can even feature your own personal images if you so desire. So look around, get some ideas and let me take them to the next level by actually making them for you!
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4 Responses to Football Season!

  1. Becca Krzmarzick says:

    Adorable! One of mine and my boyfriend’s couple friends are hosting brunch and football this Sunday. They have watched our dog a few times and I was thinking of a gift for my female friend for helping out. Something like this would be perfect!

    • Just let me know if you need one for your team or the team you are cheering for 🙂 Might take a few extra days for resin to set….but I’m sure they would love it either way (and gifts for dog watchers are a must! our guy is very well stocked from different alcohols we bring back from our trips!)

  2. AllyWrites says:

    I love your trivet! What dye and sealer did you use so that it was food friendly?

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