Hurricane ready?

This past week, and especially weekend, has been very busy and somewhat stressful….mostly due to Hurricane Isaac. They had predicted the storm to make landfall about an hour away from us…making it Cat. 1 strength for our region….but it is moving west! So, a huge sigh of relief and we are now prepared for anymore Hurricanes that might come our way this season!

I did find time to list a few new things in the Shaded Line Etsy store (once we were sure we were Hurricane ready!)

Shaded Lines Etsy store

I have still continued to work on my jewelry making and have been experimenting with painted glass. I found a glass paint that will survive the dishwasher!! I tested it on the pots and pans cycle before I got excited, but it came out looking just as good as it went in!

I also found out that Michaels was not going to carry that type of paint anymore….so I went and grabbed some that were on clearance! Overall, a pretty good weekend… if only I could have a few days off to work with my new paints 🙂


About shadedlinescreations

I have been interested in the arts for longer than I can remember. I can’t dance, I can’t sing….so that just left creating something tangible and aesthetically pleasing. Having a bachelor’s in graphic communications, I’ve worked as a graphic designer or creative director for the past 10 years. I have now decided to branch out and embrace 3D design…something in college I completely didn’t understand and hated going to the class! However, rather than covering chairs in crayons or fabricating statues out of cardboard, I have chosen to create items that can be used and treasured for years to come. Each tile, coaster or piece that you see in the gallery or on my etsy store has been customized, and can even feature your own personal images if you so desire. So look around, get some ideas and let me take them to the next level by actually making them for you!
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2 Responses to Hurricane ready?

  1. Nephrolepis says:

    That’s kinda funny, I’ve been experimenting with glass paint myself. I’ve yet to test it in the dishwasher because I’ve had some problems with inspiration, but I got mine from Michael’s as well. What brand did you use?

    • pebeo was the one on discount because they were phasing it out….they had a martha stewart brand but it didn’t say dishwasher safe. and they had another from Americana or something like that for the brand name…but it just said it cures in the oven and nothing about dishwasher safe…i will have to experiment with that when I run out of pebeo. I can still find that brand online, so I think they are still out there…just not in Michaels anymore 😦

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