Crafting nightmare!

Had my first accident happen last night with my new hobby of crafting and using power tools (even tho this one didn’t involve any power tools)….and it didn’t even happen to me! I inadvertently hurt the hubby with some jewelry resin I have been using. It’s my first time using this stuff (I’m more used to the industrial stuff where you mix the two solutions together and then spread it on). This stuff comes in a little dropper and it already mixed! I love the already mixed part….no tedious measuring or counting down the minutes as you stir! But the eye dropper part….well it should be painted neon or something!

Yep, you guessed it….

Husband asked me to put eye drops in his eyes before we went to bed…. both bottles where on the coffee table (where my crafting supplies cover every available surface!) and I grabbed the resin!

One drop (and not the regular test drop I do before hovering over his face) and I knew what it was… all ended fairly well tho. Up until nearly 1am flushing out his eye with water and having him take a few showers to stand underneath the spray with eye held open. I even called the 24 hr help line that our hospital provides. She said we had done everything that we needed to do, but if it hurt or we were uncertain if he got it all out, to stop by the emergency room.

He felt that he had gotten everything out, and just wanted to go to bed (he has to be up super early at 5am to get ready for work!)

And, today, his eye is a little red….but somehow not as red as when I was going to put the drops in….guess cat allergies are worse than resin ?!?!

So, no cute craft updates of new finished projects…I had meant to finish the bottle cap wine charms I had been working on, but something else came up…..

chevron bottle caps photo

On a more serious note, please be careful with resins and other harmful chemicals….and definitely read the bottles!


About shadedlinescreations

I have been interested in the arts for longer than I can remember. I can’t dance, I can’t sing….so that just left creating something tangible and aesthetically pleasing. Having a bachelor’s in graphic communications, I’ve worked as a graphic designer or creative director for the past 10 years. I have now decided to branch out and embrace 3D design…something in college I completely didn’t understand and hated going to the class! However, rather than covering chairs in crayons or fabricating statues out of cardboard, I have chosen to create items that can be used and treasured for years to come. Each tile, coaster or piece that you see in the gallery or on my etsy store has been customized, and can even feature your own personal images if you so desire. So look around, get some ideas and let me take them to the next level by actually making them for you!
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15 Responses to Crafting nightmare!

  1. KurtzCrafts says:

    Poor guy, good to hear you got it all out.

  2. Oh my!! That’s a Tim Taylor moment! Glad he’s okay!

  3. Florence says:

    Oh my goodness. That must have been really scary. Hope hubby is ok now.
    Regards Florence x

  4. monkeymuesli says:

    oh my word! i told husband the story… we won’t be getting any dropper glue around here anytime soon!!

    • yeah, I painted mine a neon color so that I wouldn’t make the same mistake again! Even if the jewelry resin dries faster, I still like the stronger version that you have to mix….less room for mistakes!

  5. Wow, that is intense. At least it won’t happen again and it all turned out good! It’s funny that it was less red than with the allergies, though 🙂

  6. Paint your resin dropper bottle….Fluorescent green maybe? The best eye drops this traveled welder can recommend are the lubricating eye drops from…….not Visine, the other big brand. In a red box. Yes, I’m having a brain fart but I swear by them. They last longer, sooth the dryness and actually feel like they lubricated as well as get the red out! Yikes! My jaw dropped when I read your post and am glad he’s a okay!!

    • It is now painted bright yellow….and he reads all bottles before I come anywhere near him 🙂 He ended up just flushing it out with water a whole lot because we werent sure how drops (of any kind) would interact with the resin that still might have been in there. While he was doing that I was looking up stories on the internet….unfortunately we aren’t the first people to do this…and some have put worse stuff in their eyes with permanent damage. His sight is still the same and he was all better like the next day!!

  7. I now see it’s been a while since this happened. Always trying to help.

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