Cyber Monday!!! Success!


This cyber monday has been a great success, both in my personal shopping and Shaded Lines orders! If you have not ordered anything, but have been wanting something from my etsy store…today is the day! Only a few more hours to receive 20% off anything ordered by using the discount code “HOLIDAY20” when you check out.

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Thanksgiving is almost here! The upcoming holiday is a good one for me because I get to travel back home and see friends and family that I haven’t seen in a while. I will be away from my shop….but it will still be open for those of you doing your Christmas shopping! (hopefully on black friday and after the holidays tho!!)

black friday graphic

I’m offering 20% off any purchase in my Shaded Lines Etsy Shop, by using the discount code “HOLIDAY20” when you check out. This sale will run from the start of #trueblackfriday Nov. 29 thru Dec. 2 #blackfriday #christmas #25days

Because I will be out of town, shipping will be delay a few days….but you will still receive it before Christmas πŸ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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Making molds and patiently waiting…..or not so patient…

Now that I have a few PMC items done and know a little bit more on how the materials work and the options for using the clay, I, of course, want to make more pieces!! I know the clay canΒ  be stamped with anything to create an imprint, but now want to make charms that I can sell or customize for someone else.

I went to my local craft store and sought someone that had some experience with PMC clay and molds (even though they don’t sell the clay anymore! grrr) Walked away with a box of mix-a-mold and proceeded (for the next few hours) to try to make it work….and trying not to pull out my hair!! The powdery mix combined with water kept giving me a lumpy dough like texture which is NOT suitable for mold making.

Soooo, back to the computer and more research, I found Amazing Putty….and its truly amazing!! This stuff is so easy to mix, imprint and definitely holds it shape and detail for whatever you use it for (clay for now….but maybe resin later!)

Amazing Putty molds

I’ve made a few molds and put the clay to work….now, to PATIENTLY wait for firing in a few days….. I’m certainly not the most patient person, but I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) that the outcome is worth the wait:)

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PMC firing success!

I did it! I finally fired the pieces of PMC clay with the kitty paw prints, and they turned out great!Β  I watched a lot of tutorial videos on youtube from places that specialized in dealing with that type of clay and firing with a hand held torch….and I’m so glad I did!

I wasn’t able to upload the video of me firing the clay, but I did find out that I needed to open up the stream of gas a bit more, because it starts to fizzle out and not burn as hot toward the end. But total time firing is approx 3 mins and the end result is a 99.9% silver charm that is a darling memento of my precious kitties πŸ™‚

Here are some photos of the processes after firing (from sanding, burnishing and patina):

PMC firing

(I broke one of them buy trying to take a shortcut with punching the hole for the jump ring instead of drilling….another lesson learned!)

Now, one is ready to wear πŸ™‚ And the others are drying for another firing session later this week!

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PMC clay – test 1 – Kitty Toes!

I took the plunge. After watching more than a few tutorial videos on working with the clay and how to fire, I made my first charm. Since it was just a test, and not something I was looking to list in my Shaded Lines Etsy store, I made something that I could keep and wear πŸ™‚

Cat Toe prints

I’ve been fascinated with all the fingerprint and animal print items I’ve seen…and, if anyone knows me, they know that my cats are my kids! So I made tiny little toe prints from each of the kittens (4 yrs old now).


The charms are in the drying stage, so firing will come once I receive my firing brick in the mail (hurry it up USPS!)

Crossing my fingers that these work out….and that I don’t burn the house down!

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Lacking a little….

I think my New Year’s resolution has fallen into the pit that New Year’s resolutions go to…. I really meant to keep up the posting of once a week; which didn’t seem like a lot, but apparently was!

I’m back at it again…or trying to be, anyway. I’ve set up a calendar to remind myself to make at least once a week posting on Wednesday’s….hopefully something exciting and new that I’ve made over the weekend will be featured. Or maybe a project that I’m looking at starting…

PMC clay

One thing that I’ve had my creative eye on for a while is PMC clay. The fact that you can mold this clay into virtually anything and fire it….and it end up being 99.9% silver boggles my mind, but appeals to my need to create and have jewelry! Win, Win!!!

I bought some last week and finally figured out what I want to make for the first try! (something to do with mementos from each of my cats, of course!)

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College Football Time

College Football Time

College football season starts in a week! Who is excited about the upcoming games, tailgating and all the game day attire you get to accessorize?!?! I’ve made some new FSU pieces….now I can’t wait to wear them!

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Statement items and Pop colors

I’ve been working a lot lately on adding more jewelry and diversity to my Shaded Lines Etsy Store! I tend to like smaller jewelry pieces and have made a lot of those in the past, but I’ve been noticing the style has been bigger and bolder lately (especially this summer with pop colors and bright statement items)!

So…..I had to add some to my shop! These are just a few items and more are definitely in the works πŸ™‚


What do you think?

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Getting better at this hand stamping stuff!

I’ve been practicing my jewelry hand stamping, and while frustrating at times, I have had some successes….and even sold some pieces!The hardest thing I have come across (other than making sure my words are spelled correctly!!) is the patina process. I’ve slowly figured out what works and what doesn’t….so hopefully that means more hand stamping of jewelry findings (and anything else I can get my hands on!) in the future πŸ™‚

I’ve also found patinas that are colored….so I can make pop color words on metal blanks! I think this would go great with the bright colors of summer that I’ve seen in clothing, accessories, etc!

What phrase or quote would you put on a piece of jewelry if you could?

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Repurposed bottle/keepsake container

Still working on the jewelry stamping…but, of course, I have creative ADD and can’t stay on one project at a time!

I recently cut a bunch of glass that I had stocked up for the past few months with my new tile saw (now that it’s finally getting warm outside!) and created this bottle/keepsake container. Great way to keep your keepsakes in one place and a unique container all at the same time!


Go to my Shaded Lines Etsy store and get yours today!

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